Working together is better and more productive than working alone, ask any successful sports team, multi-million dollar company or perhaps just your family.  As a therapist here in Cronulla, helping people not only heal their gut but understand their bodies, a team effort is almost always in need.  I share an office with a few other excellent practitioners, Sinead Kelly a Kinesiologist  Peter and Maree Cullen from Soul Healers and Nina a Naturopath and I refer to all of them and others, a lot!

Teamwork approach to health


Our bodies work as whole; physically, spiritually and mentally, and I think a lot of us are catching onto this concept. Often a client will come in with common tummy disturbances like, bloating, wind, constipation, fatigue and headaches, all of them related to the health of the colon.  A few interesting things about the gut; 80-90% of disease does start in the colon, 90% of seratonin, (the neurotransmitter that makes us feel good) is created in the GI tract and about 80% of our immune system is in the gut, those are some high numbers!


So while many of our diseases, illnesses, anxiety and depression are caused by our colons, sometimes colonics alone are not going to fix the underlying issue as a whole. Remember, the body works as a whole! This is where I am grateful that I have many fantastically talented practitioners to refer to. It might be to Sinead to work on the deeper levels of stress and anxiety or perhaps Maree to work on rebalancing the energy in the body or to Nina to run a few tests and get to the bottom of a complicated case.


I often also refer to BPS Tensegrity. If you are reading this you may already be a client of BPS and understand how they work. They too treat the body as a whole and understand that 1. there is no quick fix, 2. everyone is different and 3. and most importantly, by working as a team we get to help you, our clients Be Well from the inside out. By addressing the physical mis-alignment of the body we can sometimes release a nerve or set of nerves in the spinal column that effect our digestion. Vice Versa as well, Lana has sent patients to Exhale who have presented with abdominal pain to discover that it’s not muscular or skeletal but that there colon is just too full.


I believe so much in having a great referral network that Sinead and I started a practitioner’s networking group that meets about every 6 weeks. A different practitioner hosts the lunch time event and we get to discuss what we do, what king of patients could be referred to us and most importantly continue to build a strong network of practitioners so that our clients get the best treatments possible.

4 Legged Teamwork


When Novak Djokovic and Angelique Kerber, 2016 single men’s and women’s Australian Open Winners made their grand slam winning speeches, one of the first people they thanked was their team of coaches and trainers. So remember, if we suggest you see another therapist, it is so that we can work together as your personal team to guide you in feeling your best as a whole!


Be Well,