Hi, I’m back to introduce Samantha Petti once more. In this part of “I Give a Crap” Sam talks about her experience with colonics, and well isn’t that why we are all here? The poop talk is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted over dinner parties and glasses of wine, it is when I’m around anyway. Once people find out I’m a Poop person, they can’t stop talking and asking questions, it’s awesome and I love it.


I also love hearing about your experiences with colonics, so here Sam is sharing her thoughts about colonics….


Tummy Love - Belly massages and Colonics at Exhale

Tummy Love – Belly massages and Colonics at Exhale

I give a crap…Part 2


I talked last time about the importance of being a MINDFUL shopper and consumer and that if you feel like crap after you eat, to stop and figure out why before you do it again.


Listening to your body is the biggest lesson to improving your overall health.


Like many, I have always struggled with a ‘slow gut’. I have worked SO hard to get my diet, physical activity, stress levels etc. sorted to get and keep my gut healthy, which is moving and doing what it needs do – hanging onto the good stuff and letting the ‘other stuff ‘go. First off, look at your poo and if you haven’t ever looked at the Bristol Stool Chart to understand what your are seeing then Zhenya and I encourage you to have a look here.


Health starts with the gut and although this is something I am still learning lots about (I am currently devouring; ‘Gut – by Giulia Enders’. It’s entertaining and informative if you fancy a read), I do know my gut and I do know that when I’ve eaten too much sugar, bread, cheese, am dehydrated, have sat in a car or flown for hours, am stressed, anxious or haven’t moved enough, I am in trouble!


I Give a CrapMy first colonic was many years ago. My diet was ok (def. not great on reflection), I was riddled with anxiety, sadness and general self-loathing and my gut was screaming at me. I had friends who swore by colonics and I was desperate and curious, so after a full talk through of what to expect, off I went.


The experience left me feeling better than I had in a long time (and it was not nearly as traumatic as I had imagined) and I was hooked. In the many sessions I have had since, I’ve learnt that it’s not just for ‘slow gutters,’ it’s for anyone and everyone that cares about their health. It’s for anyone that’s ever driven or flown long distance or over indulged over the holidays (even if you go back to your regular habits afterwards). It’s for anyone that feels bloated and uncomfortable more than they feel great. It’s for anyone who is anxious or uptight, because if you are hanging onto your emotions, guess what else you are hanging onto??


I still have colonics regularly, particularly before and after a long haul flight, and to recover from the indulgences of the holiday in between. I go because I believe prevention is better than cure (the links between gut health and cancer, Alzheimer’s etc. are becoming more clear) and I always leave feeling better than I went in, and well, isn’t that that point?


Want to talk to me more about ‘crap’, your gut, or feelings, or food or anything that’s keeping you up at night? Me too. Get in touch. Initial chat is on me. Let me help you find your delicious amazing!


Samantha Petti

Coach – Health Well-th and Happiness


Sam Petti - Health Coach

Sam Petti – Health Coach