I have awesome clients, who I absolutely give a crap about! I learn just as much from you as you do from me (hopefully ;)). Whether it’s my clients at Exhale or my yoga students, you allow me to come into your lives on a very personal level, and I thank you for that!


Speaking of awesome clients, I recently saw my client Samantha Petti a few weeks ago and man how she has grown! Sam started out as a yoga student who quickly became a friend and then a client at Exhale. Sam comes from a corporate background but I could tell she always had that itch to self discover more about herself, her health, her spirit and how it all connects. Whilst Sam still wears a corporate hat on some days she is not also a fully qualified Health Coach. Like I said we’ve known each other for years, so I recently asked Sam if she wanted to share some of herself and her own food, health and happiness discovery with us. Her approach to coaching clients is quite similar to the questions and discussions I have with my Exhale clients. First and foremost we must understand and acknowledge what makes us feel good and what doesn’t. It has ZERO to do with what your mother’s sister’s brother’s cousin is into, it’s all about you! I’ll let Sam express her thoughts and feelings on the topic..

WE give a crap! Finding a consultant who helps you create your own healthy path is the first step.

WE give a crap! Finding a consultant who helps you create your own healthy path is the first step.

I give a crap!


I have always been intrigued by food.


My friends and family always check in with what I am eating or not eating, before I land on them for a meal and, to be honest, it’s fair. As I have said before (on the 25th of January if you are scrolling through the link), I am my own first client and I am almost always trying something out to see how it feels for me, readjusting my diet to come to terms with living without things that don’t work for me but that emotionally I am completely attached to (I still miss you coffee) and introducing more of the things that I know make me feel awesome. Note, this seems to be a test and learn process or maybe it’s a battle in acceptance!


BEFORE I LOSE YOU, this is not about not eating this or that; it’s about figuring out and accepting the things that make you feel deliciously amazing and doing more of that (and that’s more than just food of course) rather than what you’ve always done, because you’ve always done it.


I have almost always ‘known’, without knowing why, that meat didn’t serve me. Ironically I grew up with one of the worlds biggest carnivores (and he still is), my 6”4 younger brother. He never liked vegetables (although he has come around on most) and so we would ‘instinctively’ swap out what we could get away with at meal times.


I knew then that meat didn’t make me ‘feel good ‘and as I got older, my questions about it helped me form up more of the why. Remember mum, when I asked the butcher about tripe and where it came from in front of a shop full of customers? Good times! I was 9 years old.


Long before ‘Conspiracy’ or ‘Forks Over Knives’ arrived, I was listening to my body and aligning my choices to it, and to my values.


With my clients, we talk about food, a lot. The first things I normally ask are; what are you eating, when and how do you feel before and afterwards? Because you know what, that is the very best thing you can do when it comes to making food choices. Because, you know what? Only you know how you feel.


You don’t see tigers and lions suddenly choosing plants over meat (although they might have some greens to ease a sore tummy and help with digestion). As animals, we instinctively know what does and doesn’t serve us and what’s crazy is, as a human species, we mostly ignore it.


Of course, there are the moments, OMG we all have them don’t we? No matter how on top of it we are, when emotion or environment or something else entirely completely takes over and makes the decision for us and we can’t be stopped hoeing into that packet of M+M’s (one is too many and a thousand’s not enough!!)

Health in a bowl! YUM!

I talk a lot to my clients about triggers and being aware of them. Working through them is a key focus.


The way that I see it, whatever you decide is right for you, decide on being a MINDFUL shopper and consumer. Make sure it is the very best quality that you can access and afford. Whatever your choice, know where it comes from, what it’s made from or what it was fed, because ultimately you are eating what it was given to eat and to grow. And if you feel like crap after you eat it, stop and figure out why before you do it again.


Want to talk more about food or feelings, or something else? Me too! Get in touch; I would love to see you. And as always, initial discovery chat is on me.


Samantha Petti

Health Coach – Health Well-th and Happiness

Sam Petti

Sam Petti