At Exhale do you use the open (Libbe) or closed colonic system?
We use the closed system.  A therapist remains with you the entire treatment and controls the machine.
What happens during a colon hydrotherapy session?

A typical appointment lasts one hour for returning clietns and one and a quarter hour for new clients; with approximately 40-45 minutes on the massage table (where the therapy is performed). The client’s modesty is maintained at all times as the client is covered with a towel. During the session, a trained therapist uses a disposable speculum and tubing to introduce a gentle flow of purified warm water into the large intestine (colon). The colon hydrotherapist will administer several ‘fills’ and ‘releases’ and will use abdominal massage techniques to help dislodge old fecal matter. The dislodged fecal matter is then gently eliminated through the system’s waste disposal tube. Massage, and acupressure points are used to help relax the client and encourage elimination.

At Exhale we use state of the art equipment that utilizes a particle filter, carbon micron filter and a purification system for the water. We use disposable speculums and tubing, and all-natural lubricants, lotions, and oils.

What can I do to prepare for my colon hydrotherapy session?

The most important thing to do for 24 hours before your session is to hydrate by drinking plenty of purified water. This will help your body to flush out toxins and also help soften old waste material in the colon. You can also start the cleansing process by eating lightly and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. Please refer to our Pre Colonic instruction page for more details. At the end of your session you will be provided with a post colonic information sheet.

How will colonics benefit the colon?
    • It cleanses the colon from impacted waste.
    • It exercises and tones the colon. The buildup of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves peristaltic activity.
    • The gentle action of the water helps to eliminate pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions, finally enabling the colon to resume its natural state
    • It stimulates reflex points: every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points. A colonic stimulates these points, thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way.
Will I experience any discomfort or fatigue during or after the session?

The most discomfort you will experience during the session is a mild cramping sensation, similar to what you may experience when having a bowel movement. It is rare that anyone experiences discomfort or fatigue after a session. Most clients actually feel light and energetic after their session. A colonic may stir up many toxins and old debris that your body will need to eliminate, so occasionally clients may notice a mild discomfort. It is important to rest and drink plenty of water.

Immediately after the treatment  you will be given a natural electrolyte drink to alleviate any cramping that may come up and a probiotic to replenish the colon’s good bacteria.

Will I i lose weight?

It is not uncommon for the average person to have 3-5 kilos of fecal matter impacted on the walls of their colon. During a colonic we try to move this fecal matter out of your system. You may see some loss of weight immediately after a session. Any excess fat is typically related to a build up of toxins in the your cells. If these toxins are not removed the fat breakdown ability of the cells is compromised and the cells will retain more fat. The removal of these toxins from your system typically results in weight loss.

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Will the colonic wash out intestinal flora and valuable nutrients?

A healthy colon has a proper balance of good and bad bacteria. Friendly bacteria, good bacteria, flora, and probiotics are all names for the same thing. The truth is the washing out of putrefied material in the large intestine increases the good intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment. This is why the intestines of a new born baby immediately begin to grow good intestinal flora. Each time you clean out the putrefying rubbish and make a better environment for the good flora, they start to multiply immediately in their natural state. It also stands to reason that valuable nutrients can be better absorbed in a clean environment than in a spoiled one.

Are colonics addictive?
Because colonics clear out accumulated waste material in the colon, it is easier for the colon to function normally after a colonic than it did before. Colonics also encourage peristalsis, the natural muscle contractions of the colon, so the colon muscles are actually strengthened by doing colonics. Most clients report that they are much more ‘regular’ after completing a few colon hydrotherapy sessions.
Do I have to take time off work for colon hydrotherapy?

The only time you will have to take off is the time required to do the session. Most people feel very energized and light after they have completed the procedure, and return to work, the gym or an exercise class right after the session.

Will one colonic clean out all of the old waste material in my colon?
We spend most of our lives accumulating old fecal matter in the colon, so it is not realistic to think we can clean it all out in one session. We strongly encourage new clients to experience 3-6 sessions for the best results.
After the initial series, how often do I need to get colonics?
This depends on the lifestyle you live and the level of health you want to achieve! Just as some people exercise on a daily or weekly basis to tone and tighten their outer body, some people follow an ongoing cleansing, toning, and rebuilding regime for the inner body and come in once per month. We recommend that clients listen to their bodies to know when it is time. Some clients like to get one colonic each month. Some clients do a mini cleanses (3 colonics) four times a year. Some clients do one of our programs twice a year. We can work with you to determine your health and wellness goals and develop a program that allows you to succeed.
Is Colon Hydrotherapy covered under private health insurance?
Unfortunately, colonics are typically not covered by medical insurance. Some flex-spending healthcare plans do cover colon hydrotherapy. Please check with your provider for more details regarding your individual medical coverage.

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