Stress Anxiety and your Digestion Workshop


Stress, Anxiety and Your Digestion Workshop

The colon is often referred to as the second brain and the far more intuitive one as well. Anxiety, fear, depression and sadness are all words that we can connect with. They each trigger an immediate emotion that we can feel and almost touch.  Now amplify that 100 times and that is what your gut feels. No wonder our tummies are unhappy if they can feel all of those emotions, even when our brains don’t want to register them.

Join us as we not only discuss how those feelings effect our colons, but how those emotions resonate in the rest of our bodies. You will leave not only with a better understanding of what’s really going on in your body and also with easy tools at your disposal that you can use everyday to be calm, healthy and at peace. For more information about this workshop and the contents, please visit the Exhale blog page for a few words from one of our past participants.

Date: Friday 29 April

Time: 6.30pm

Location: 207/30 Kingsway Cronulla 2230

Cost: $49 (includes a $10 voucher to be used at Exhale or Well of Harmony)

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